Salt Packaging Machine
Salt Packaging Machine
May 31, 2019
Rubber Stopper Vision Inspection Machine adn System
Rubber Stopper Vision Inspection Machine and System
May 31, 2019
Vial and Bottle Visual Inspection Machine with Camera System

Vial and Bottle Visual Inspection Machine with Camera System


Vision camera base inspection Machine for Bottle and Vials, Examine ampoules, vial, infusion bottles, oral bottle, eye drops bottles

Our equipment is designed for the 100% fully automated visual inspection of glass and plastic containers ranging in diameter between 8 mm and 78 mm at a maximum production speed of 200 unit per minute for Defects black , white, hair, glass fiber, and other impurities, liquid level, focal head, carbide and the appearance defects such as lack of plug.

CFR21/Part11 Compliance

HMI based with touchscreen PC; Password protected access levels; Audit trail function.

Visual Inspection System with Standard configuration:
  • Foreign contaminants inspection: 4 cameras;
  • Heavy particles detection: 1 camera;
  • Cosmetic defects detection: 1 camera - alu-cap and
  • flip-off, 1 camera - container body (cracks, scratches,
  • black spots; ampoule ring color, OPC, black spots);
  • Vial and bottle Tip inspection: 1 camera.
Technique parameters: Bottle Visual Inspection System
Capacity 0-200 bottle/min (according to the quality standard of different detection speed is different, but no speed adjustment)
Operation mode Continuous or intermittent
Power 220V 50Hz
Operator 1
Air compressed 6 bar
Dimension LX W X H 1500x1200x2100
Weight 1200kg
Ampoule / Vial Inspection machine with Camera base systems - Camera Inspection Machine for Vials
Operation of Ampoule and Vial Inspection machine with camera systems

The full automatic ampoule and vials Inspection systems with detecting of visible impurities and ampoule as well vials , seal faults of small volume injections, oral liquid bottles in pharmaceutical Industry, Camera base Inspection machine for high speed application with less human man powder and advanced and compact design the machine Inspection for ampoule and vial with adopts high resolution cameras for multiple camera shooting detection of the liquids, so that the visible impurities that may exist in transparent or semi-transparent liquids can be recognized and detected fast and accurately (such as glass shards, scrap metal, fiber, white spots, white blocks, and etc.,). Our Ampoule and vial camera base inspection machine can also accurately judge if the filling volume is within the permissible range. In addition, the ampoule injection lamp inspection machine can carry out an inspection of oral liquid bottle caps.

The non-conforming products can be directly separated from the dialing wheel without entering the detection wheel disc so that the inspection speed and precision can be greatly enhanced to meet the stipulations in the International Pharmacopoeia.

Our Products: Ampoule and Vial Inspection machine with camera systems
Technical Parameters of  Vial and Ampoule Inspection Systems and Machines
Product Model MMC-A80
Applicable specifications for detecting Vial and Ampoule Inspection with camera 
Number of bottles holders 60
Number of cameras 15
Applicalbe specifications (ml) 1,2,5,10,20
Detection speed(pcs/min) 300-500
Rotation speed(r/min) 600-1200
Test items Glass fragments, fibers, white particles, hairs, metal particles, liquid fill level, deficiency of bottle body and etc.
Detecting precision(μ) >=40
Power(kw) 8