Slug Wrap Machine, Slug Wrap Flow Wrap Machine For Biscuits
Slug Wrap Machine, Slug Wrap Flow Wrap Machine For Biscuits
May 31, 2019
Jumbo Flow Wrap Machine For Biscuits
Jumbo Flow Wrap Machine For Biscuits
May 31, 2019
Flow Wrap Machine For Wrapping Single Bars Or Tablets

Flow Wrap Machine For Wrapping Single Bars Or Tablets

Flows wrap machine equipment with Oblique Angle Feeding System for wrapping single bars or tablets at speeds cold seal wrapper. Fully Servo-controlled & Stainless Steel version optional.

Top Transfer - For High speed application and softer product Flows wrap machine, machine with positive product transfer system is available, low and maximum speed Flows wrap machine model available.

Model Available :
  • Right-Left/Left-Right
  • Standard/Stainless Steel
  • Mechanical/Servo

Our machines running many different product and different model like Chocolate Packing Machine, Jelly Packing Machine, Candy Packing Machine, Chocolate Packing Machine, Chocolate Bar Packing Machine and Miniature Flow Wrap Machine, Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine, Flow wrap machine for Candy & Bubble gum, Chocolate & Confectionery flow wrap machine, flow wrapping machine for Bakery, cakes & bread flow wrap machine, Flow wrap machine for Biscuits & Cookies flow wrap machine, flow wrap machine for Prepared & Frozen Foods. To wrap any kind of solid commodities such as biscuit, soaps, chocolate, cakes, Products like Tubes, soaps, detergent bars, bearings, medical syringes etc can be wrapped, Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine , Flow Wrap Machine, Candy,Sweets, Chocolate Wrapping Machine, Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine, Soap Packing Machine, Flow Wrapping Machine , Flow wrap machine is also known as flow pack machine and flow wrapping is major applicable for biscuit wrapping, chocolate bar wrapping application.

Switches packing and wrapping are majorly done on flow wrap machine.

Flow wrap machine is ideal machine to wrap as a biscuit wrapping machine.

Biscuit wrapping machine and biscuit packing machine can be pack various numbers of biscuits with desired configuration and pack sizes and shape.

Flow wrapping machine is used to pack chocolate bars packing and 5 star chocolate wrapping and packing.

Flow pack machine or flow wrap machine is horizontal flow wrapping equipment operations.

Flow Wrap Machine used for Noodle packing machine in horizontal flow wrap machine concept.

Flow wrap machine to wrap in pillow shaped pouches and bags.


Our Applicable for flow wrap machine for packing various bigger size solid regular objects, such as instant noodle, candies, chocolates, biscuits, bread, moon cake, medicine, commodity, hardware, toys, electric items, or loose product loaded by box /tray, etc in Pillow type Laminates.

Fully automatic machine capable of packing various shapes namely cubical, cylindrical and others

Can run various types of heat sealable laminates/ films that are printed/ unprinted

Having capacity to give variable speed of 25-500 packs per minute.

Adjustable pouch length mechanism helps in reduction of wastage on packaging material.

Built in photo electric system with lining adjustment for the film feed.