Net Weight Filling Machine for Bottle, Jar and Tin
Net Weight Filling Machine for Bottle, Jar and Tin
May 31, 2019
VFFS Bagger machine - Vertical Film Packaging Machine

VFFS Bagger machine - Vertical Film Packaging Machine Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter

Product Application :

Grains Automatic Packaging Machine Unit is consisted of the following spare machines:

  1. Automatic Vertical Filling and Forming Packaging Machine;
  2. Fourteen Head Weighing Machine;
  3. Working Platform;
  4. Z Type Elevator;
  5. Products Take Off Conveyor;
  6. Air Compressor for selection.

This machine unit can realize function from material elevating, weighing, filling, bag forming, sealing, date printing to finished products taking off. It is widely used in area of irregular products like Fried Products, Seeds, Biscuits, Candy Products and Small Packed Bags, Etc.

SPECIFICATIONS FOR SGB630-Z Puffed Grains Vertical Film Packaging Machine Unit
Weighing Range:50-500g , 500-3000g
Weighing Accuracy Range:±0.2%
Packing Speed:30-55BPM
Bag Size:L: 50-450mm , W: 70-300mm
Maximum Film Width:630mm
Power and Power Supply5.5KW/7A 380V 50HZ As per Customer Needs
External Dimension:2180 x 2380 x 4200mm (L x W x H)
Working Temperature:-30℃ _ + 50℃
Air Consumption:0.36-0.6Mpa
Main Features
  1. The machine unit's core driver consists of PLC programming control system, servo -dynamic system, pneumatic actuator system;
  2. The machine unit can complete the products counting, date printing, transition of finished products and other multifunction from weighing to bag forming in packaging process through the LCD touch screen of HMI;
  3. The machine can realize parameters setting and modifications on the touch screen. It can memorize 10 different product packing parameters and no need to reset when replacing products;
  4. The machine unit can realize making pillow bags, gusseted bags, punching bags automatically;
  5. The machine unit equipped with personalized platform to facilitate maintenance work;
  6. The machine unit has reasonable structure and configuration to ensure that the device can work normally under low temperature. Meanwhile, low temperature design can be designed according to customer requirements