On Edge Chute Feeding Machine With Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine
On Edge Chute Feeding Machine With Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine
May 31, 2019
Jerry Can Induction Sealing Machine
Jerry Can Induction Sealing Machine
May 31, 2019
Family Pack Machine

Family Pack Machine


Our machines running many different product and different model like Chocolate Packing Machine, Jelly Packing Machine, Candy Packing Machine, Chocolate Packing Machine, Chocolate Bar Packing Machine and Miniature Flow Wrap Machine, Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine, Flow wrap machine for Candy & Bubble gum, Chocolate & Confectionery flow wrap machine, flow wrapping machine for Bakery, cakes & bread flow wrap machine, Flow wrap machine for Biscuits & Cookies flow wrap machine, flow wrap machine for Prepared & Frozen Foods. To wrap any kind of solid commodities such as biscuit, soaps, chocolate, cakes, Products like Tubes, soaps, detergent bars, bearings, medical syringes etc can be wrapped, Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine , Flow Wrap Machine, Candy,Sweets, Chocolate Wrapping Machine, Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine, Soap Packing Machine, Flow Wrapping Machine , Flow wrap machine is also known as flow pack machine and flow wrapping is major applicable for biscuit wrapping, chocolate bar wrapping application.

  • Suitable for multi rows of biscuits standing on edge without any trays.
  • Optional extended conveyor at out feed for easy transfer packed products.
  • Outfeed conveyor can be coupled to downstream packing systems
  • Feeding options available to suit individual customer requirement.
  • All machines are user friendly
  • Reliable center and cross sealing.
  • Wrapper driven servo motor for ease in packet length changeover
  • Parts coming in contact with products are made from stainless steel or food grade plastic material
  • Temp. Control through PLC, eliminates need of separate temp. controller in panel
  • Two way Auto print mark correction through HMI
  • Machines are suitable for different tropical conditions.
  • Twin reel holder Machine reduces wrapper wastage & change over time.
  • Machine always stops in open jaw condition.
  • Packet length adjustment and print mark correction in synchronization with wrapper speed in m/c running condition.
  • Mounting brackets to adopt any type of coding device.
  • Ample inside Panel space reduces temp. Rise in panel.
  • Customer needs Feeding options available.
  • Machine is inbuilt with end gusseting system.
  • Touch screen HMI for ease in operation.
  • Zigzag knife pattern to enhance packet look.
  • Positive wrapper feed drive by Servo motor.
  • Wider frame models available for large pack size

Machine to pack biscuits on edge in single or multiple rows for example 100gms to 500gms pack of biscuits, cookies, crackers etc. Machine can be equipped with facilities like automatic row collation systems, auto stack loading.