Jumbo Flow Wrap Machine For Biscuits
Jumbo Flow Wrap Machine For Biscuits
May 31, 2019
Soap Wrapping Machine
Soap Wrapping Machine
May 31, 2019
Toilet Soap Wrapping Machine

Toilet Soap Wrapping Machine - Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter

Wrapping Material WRAPPER: Paper/Poly / Hotmelt / Lamination Stiffener: Card PAPER / Poly Laminate.

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High speed wrapping machine capable of wrapping toilet soaps with stiffener and heat sealable (hot melt coated) at a speed up to 160 ppm(depending on nature of product and wrapper). Ingress to the machine is by means of an infeed belt conveyor engineered to index at higher speed. This conveyor is set at right angle to the flow of product for subsequent wrapping operation and can have right hand or left hand orientation to suit the space requirement. Handling of product is gentle throughout the operation and any rubbing of naked soap with stationary surface is avoided.

Features :
  • Heavy cast iron structure for vibration absorption and durability.
  • No - product - No-wrap interlock.
  • Cut off height setting by means of handwheel.
  • Discharge height setting by means of handwheel.
  • Automatic Print Registration Unit by means of imported sensor.
  • PID temperature controls from Honeywell or equivalent make.

The machine speed upto 160 ppm (machine speed and accuracy is dependent of quality of packing material, soap size and its quality, uniform inflow of the product) with Heavy distortion free cast structure.

Optional Features :
  • Collation Unit for wrapped soaps for easy collection on discharge conveyor.
  • Stainless steel guarding.
  • Double Spool Holders for stiffener and wrapper.
  • Change parts.
  • Centarlised lubrication unit.
  • Tool Kit.
  • Emergency Spares kit.
  • Customised infeed conveyor.
  • Web break interlock.
  • Mirror image orientation to allow single operator to run two machines.