Vial and Bottle Visual Inspection Machine with Camera System
Vial and Bottle Visual Inspection Machine with Camera System
May 31, 2019
Semi Automatic Packing Machine
Semi Automatic Packing Machine
May 31, 2019
Rubber Stopper Vision Inspection Machine adn System

Rubber Stopper Vision Inspection Machine and System

Our machine Rubber Stopper vision inspection system Designed for pharmaceutical sterile injectable rubber stopper inspection as per new USFDA rules  . Our Rubber Stopper inspection with high speed systems with camera and rejection systems with machine , Our basic machine with rubber Stopper vibrator bowl is filled with the rubber stopper that align all the pieces in the same way. That Stopper Pieces Are transferred to the cameras by the conveyor belt for the inspection. Rubber Stopper Top and bottom surface of the pieces are inspected by two separate cameras. Camera based International standers System controls distinguish between defected pieces and good pieces. Defected pieces are ejected by the machine. Machine also counts both the defected and accepted pieces. Details of the reason behind the defected pieces also saved to the system.

Vision system detects pharmaceutical contaminants for Rubber Stopper vision inspection system and machine /Cap and Stopper vision inspection system

Machine totally controlled by PLC with HMI touch screen : Delta make.

Machine Construction : SS 304 (if required, SS 316 can be used) GMP design

Rubber stopper Bowl, Linear Bowl & Guide are Teflon coated

SS parts are polished with MAT finished

Aluminum parts are Anodize processed

Distance pieces & stand parts are of DELRIN material

All mechanical parts are manufactured on Lezor cut machine

For Mechanical / Electrical / Electronic material, Test Certificates are available

Machine size : 2400mm L. x 1300mm W. x 1800mm H.

Machine weight : Approx 800 Kgs.

Rubber Stopper Feeding Vibrator system : Bowl type & Linear Vibrator for Rubber stopper feeding stock

Two side (Top side & Bottom side) of Rubber inspection system : Vision system

Camera make : Panasonic, Japan

Rubber Stopper measurement system for height checking / verification by Lezer sensor make : Panasonic, Japan.

Automatic pneumatic type rejection system in 3 individual bucket for (1) Top rejection (2) Bottom rejection (3) Height rejection.

Rubber Stopper Automatic counting system (& setting of bunch system) by Panasonic sensor, Japan.

Pneumatic (Air) type Rubber Stopper counting system.

Air cutoff valve : Kamozzi make.

Air Solenoid valve for counting system : Kamozzi make.

Air pressure (Low & High) FRL digital system : Alarm.

Machine fully covered with P.C. cabinet for safety with all side openable doors.

Machine vibrator & glass and total variable.

Rubber image transfer two side for PC system - 2 Sets.

Machine main gear motor : Gear Box Bonfiglioli, Italy make.

Machine Air required : Approx 5 Kg per.

Rubber Stopper feeding sensor : Fiber optic, Delta make.

Machine power supply : 440v., 3 Phase.

Camera fitting & image setting stand

Machine designed for smooth running & user friendly programming & operating system.

Machine alarm, toner light, Korea make (3 way).

Machine alarm details : Production close, Machine problem, Air pressure problem, Emergency stop, Door open

Machine cleaning by Air gun system.

Machine switch box movable adjustable system

Machine can be changed on castor wheel for easy movement

Machine technology for Camera inspection, measurement system & rejection system based on total scale logic technology design.

Machine with Daily production print report facility

All electrical & electronic components are used having ‘CE’ or ‘UL’ mark.

After sales technical support / If required, SKADA can be used.

Instruction Manual

Machine warranty : 1 year

INDUSTRIES SERVED / APPLICATION :Vision system detects pharmaceutical contaminants Rubber Stopper vision inspection system and machine /Cap and Stopper vision inspection system

  • Rubber stopper manufacturing company
  • Automobile Rubber parts manufacturers
  • Washer / O Ring
  • Pharma industry for Cap inspection
  • Plastic industry
  • Measurement inspection
  • Oval shape / Foreign particles / Cut impression / Burr impression / Die effect / Opposite colours etc.

Ours Designed in a modular fashion with the latest version of Vision system detects pharmaceutical contaminants Rubber Stopper vision inspection system and machine /Cap and Stopper vision inspection system, our many models with machine vision system continuously conveys the stoppers through two vision stations and one metal detection station after which the parts are either accepted and bagged for shipment or rejected and scrapped.