Grains And Seeds Vffs Packaging Machine
Grains And Seeds Vffs Packaging Machine
May 31, 2019
Bag Filling Machine
Bag Filling Machine
May 31, 2019
Automatic Bag Filling Machine

Automatic Bag Filling Machine - Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter

High speed Automatic Bag Placer for pre-made open mouth bags with total control system for filled bags

Suitable for semi free flowing; powdery products bagging such as:

Agriculture : seed, beans, cereal, corn, grass seed, organic pellet fertilizer

Foods : wheat, corn, rice, cereals, maize grits, wheat flour, maize flour, maize meal, semolina, pellets, malt, sugar, salt, semolina, coffee.

Animal Feed : animal feed, mineral feed, concentrated feed, pellet feed, mash feed, cattle feed, crumbles feed, etc

Chemicals : soda ash, light soda ash, etc

Petrochemicals : plastic granules, resin powders, etc

  • Heavy duty design
  • Unique and particular empty bags single out and flake of systems designed to handle pp woven, pp laminated, pp woven with pe liner, pe, multi wall paper, coated paper, paper with pe liner, paper with aluminum, etc.
  • Capacity ranging from 10 to 20 bpm [depending on product density and granulation]
  • Dust tight bird beak spout with pre-dump option for high speed bagging
  • Electro-pneumatic bag shaker device for a quick & proper product settling
  • Several feeding device available depending on product to be handled (gravity, belt, single or double screw, turbine)
  • Automatic bag rejecting system for misplaced or unopened bags
  • Maintenance free bag detection system on the filling spout, to avoid wrong product discharge
  • Motorized height adjustment for take away conveyor and bag closing conveyor
  • Several bag closing system available (sewing, heat sealing, pinch, gluing, etc.)
  • User's friendly operator interface
  • Rs-485 communication interface
  • Prepared to be used with existing bagging scales [speed of existing device must match abp120f requirement]
  • Prepared to be used with existing bag closing system [speed of existing device must match abp120f requirement]
  • Available with simplex or duplex bagging scale
  • Side gusset handling accessories
  • Deareation bars for air excess removal before bag closing
  • SS 304 product contact parts
  • In-line bag check weigher and dedicated bag rejector [mod. np]
  • In-line bag metal detector and dedicated bag rejector [mod. md]
  • Walkable weigher's support frame complete with guard rails and ladder
  • Profibus dp or serial communication interfaces

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